Program Outline and Timeframes
Meant to develop a community of progressive, human-centered and peace building development cooperation informed ministerial staff, diplomats and parliamentarians, these intensive transformative training sessions are for a two-three day duration [2-3 day duration]. Practically shifting cross – sector transformation frontiers these training sessions are founded on comprehensive modules developed on a “continually adapting development cooperation template” conceptually highlighted as:

  • Session One: Overview - Context: Socioeconomic Outcome and Ministerial Mandate /Effective Legislature.
  • Session Two: Contesting Schools of Thought: Representative Ministerial / Legislative Institutions.
  • Session Three: Guiding Principles: Representative Ministries and Legislature.
  • Session Four: Understanding Development Cooperation: ZimAsset 2018 / National Development Frameworks.
  • Session Five: Understanding Development Cooperation: SADC RISDP 2020
  • Session Six : Understanding Development Cooperation: African Union 2063
  • Session Seven: Understanding Development Cooperation: Agenda 2030/ Post 2015 Agenda
  • Session Eight: Understanding Development Cooperation: UN SDGs.
  • Session Nine: Strategic Transformative Interventions: Rural and Urban Constituencies.
  • Session Ten: Strategic Transformative Outcomes: Short, Medium and Long Term : Adaptation
  • Session Eleven: Strategic Questionnaire

Considerations & Requirements

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